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Why Do So Many People Are Attracted To Most Famous Pornstars?

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The Most Famous Pornstars

According to a statistically-inclined porn expert, the most famous pornstars are Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy and Katie Diamond. But who else makes the list?

Mia Khalifa exited the adult industry in the last few years, but she's still one of the most searched pornstars. She has a stunning body that is brimming with sexual energy.

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson, despite leaving the porn business a few years ago, is still the most famous pornstar on the planet. Her fiery anti-Islam position and her bigoted tweets frequently draw flak from fans of her raunchy films however, she continues to attract massive viewers on all AVN websites.

Jenna Jameson rose to fame in the early 2000s and has been in more than 75 films since then. She has launched her own line sex dolls and toys.

At present, she's ranked second on XHamster and Pornhub, ahead of Lana Rhoades. She's on a rise and will likely soon surpass Mia Khalifa. She's an amazing actress with many fans however, her life isn't as exciting as she believes. She claims she is a survivor of gang-rape and has struggled to overcome drug addiction. She also has some issues with sex.

Marilyn Chambers

Mia Malkova started her career as a service lady at McDonalds but her life took an amazing direction when she stepped into the porn industry. The stunning model has a body that is able to enchant any perv and she has set out to explore different forms of sexuality. The blowjob scenes she has performed are a cherry on top.

In her brief time of just eight years, the former sexually attractive Sarah Palin doppelganger won numerous AVN awards and XBIZ Awards. Her beauty, big boobs and brown hair have made her a genuine sexual goddess.

Marilyn Chambers was one of the biggest adult stars in the 1970s, starring in a couple dozen films through the decade before her death from a cerebral hemorrhage in the year 2009. She was famous for her Irish and Cherokee heritage and highbrow fare such as Cumshot Revue and Football Widow. In the early 1990s, she attempted to get her foot in the door with minor kayleigh Wainless roles in the mainstream.

Traci Lords

Traci Lords was among the first female stars of X-rated Pornography. She was at Cal State Fullerton and gave an address in front of a largely male crowd. It was a traditional, somber testimony of her descent into porn and the use of drugs. She also discussed the way in which the culture of her home town made sexual assaults seem normal.

When she began acting in porn movies, Lords was underage. She kept her real age secret by using an identity card that was fake. When the truth was revealed it almost ended the adult film industry. The majority of the films she was in were immediately declared child pornography. Only one of her films was legal, because she filmed it only two days after turning 18.

Lords has been able to leave porn and has found work in legitimate entertainment. She is a regular on the Sci-Fi channel and has an upcoming music video out. She also serves as an instructor for girls who have escaped the prostitution of the Children of the Night facility located in her hometown.

Ron Jeremy

Jeremy his sexy appearance earned him the title of Hedgehog He has appeared in 2,542 films and directed more. He has also produced a few mainstream films, and frequently talks to reporters about issues in the industry for adults.

In a world where stars have "no" lists of artists they don't want to work with, and where the boundaries between harassment and consent are generally clear, Jeremy's alleged behavior has been criticized by women both inside and outside the industry. Rolling Stone spoke with more than dozen women who claim that he violated their boundaries by taking advantage of his reputation as an industry legend and their own sense of powerlessness as sex workers.

He's still a well-known character in pornography, appearing frequently in both classic and brand new titles. He's also a popular choice for adult retailers as they use him in their advertisements as an ambassador for Hedgehog Gin and other products. His fame has resulted in him becoming often interviewed on radio shows and in documentaries on the fetish industry.

Bree Olson

Bree Olson was born Rachel Marie Oberlin, and she started her career in the adult industry in 2006 after she responded to an advertisement. Her girl-next door looks and charismatic performances made her a hit on the scene. She has appeared in over the 280 adult films and has won numerous AVN Awards.

Olson was Charlie Sheen's live in goddess during his meltdown of 2011. She recently discussed the incident on the Howard Stern Show. Sheen never disclosed his HIV status to her despite her claims.

Riley Reid's performance in Mandingo Massacre exploded on the scene and she has since been in a variety of films, including Football Widow & Being Riley. She has won multiple AVN awards and has an extremely loyal fan base. She is an emerging star in the adult entertainment industry and has an exciting future ahead of her.

Peter North

The man is well-known by most porn fans. If you've not seen him perform, you have probably seen him in pictures. The guy is known for his cumshots, as well as the most popular babes have he shot over the years.

While many porn actors have a glamorized image in the mainstream media, their reality is a lot more sombre. Many have experienced abuse, drug addiction and physical and mental trauma, and many have shared their experiences.

Recent research found that the average female Porn Star weighs in at 117lbs nearly 48 pounds less than the national average for women. The average male porn star weighs 167.5 pounds, 27 pounds less than the average national male weight.

Katie Diamond

7. Katie Diamond

Another gorgeous, naughty beauty, this petite slut made her name as an interracial performer, and has been a regular on top searches for years. She has appeared in hundreds of films since she entered the business. Her husky voice, small tits, and attractive looks attract males.

She has been nominated several times for AVN and XBIZ Awards and has also appeared in a few mainstream films. She is a penthouse cat and has appeared in Adam & Eve and Digital Playground films.

She quit the porn business in the past few years but is still one of the most sought-after stars. She's currently ranked second on XVideos and XHamster's search charts behind Mia Khalifa. If she can keep up her speed, she could end up getting the top position. She is a consistent performer and has been in the industry since 2004.

Lex Steele

The Champs had a chat with Lex Steele who is a three-time male performer of the year winner. He has also received XRCO Awards for the best anal scene and subscribe for free the best three-way scene. He is well-known for his large penis and specializes in inter-racial pornography.

Linda Lovelace, better known as Seka was a renowned porn star in the 70s and the 80s. She had platinum blonde hair and heavy make-up when she appeared in hardcore porn movies. She worked as a publisher for High Society, a hardcore porn magazine.

Lana Rhoades has a bubbly butt with a tramp stamp tattoo. She is dedicated to sucking her dry cock in post anal sex. She was nominated as AVN and XBIZ Performer of the Year. She is currently ranked as number one on XHamster, XVideos and XVideos. Abella Danger is the newest member who has surpassed Lana in some sites. She has also starred in an episode of the FX series Nip/Tuck.

Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze is a beauty and an actress who has captivated audiences through her mesmerizing performances on large screens and intimate sets. She has been awarded numerous times and is renowned for her ability to connect emotionally with her fans.

A native of Fullerton, California, Jenna has a distinct appeal that keeps her fans coming back for more. Her first filming gig was girl-on-girl scenes but then branched out to demand a lot of pleasure from males too. In the process, Kayleigh wainless she earned numerous Female Performer of the Year awards from AVN and Kayleigh wainless XBIZ.

Jenna was able to retire as an actor from the adult entertainment industry in the spring of this year, after a decade. She continues to direct films via her company Jennaration X Studios. Jenna talks to Emily about her beginnings in the adult entertainment industry and what it's like to be a director, and her love for panties. She also tells her story of losing her virginity and what she considers to be good sex.


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